Swimming Pool Cost

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    What drives swimming pool cost?


    The area in which you live carries many cost factors. A swimming pool built in Florida will likely cost 50% of one built in California. Labor, materials, and fees associated with bureaucracy are much higher in California.  This drives up swimming pool cost.


    The material you select can have an impact on the cost of a swimming pool. If you choose safety grip coping, the lowest quality equipment, the most basic deck, and bottom finish; you can get a pooldown to most any reasonable budget.

    Upslopes and Downslopes

    Both of these conditions can cost you extra money. They bothe require additional structural engineering and additional labor and materials.


    If your property is not easily accessible with at least a 6’6″ clearance, smaller machines must be used to build your swimming pool. Smaller machines mean more time. More time means more labor and money.


    If you are not located in an area that is serviced by a swimming pool contractor, there may be additional costs to construct your swimming pool. Also, if you are in an area that is heavily populated, there may be additional fees related to hauling and dumping.


    Features like a pebble bottom, computers, salt systems, LED lights, variable speed motors, water features, underwater speakers, swim jets, vanishing edges, swim-up bars, sunken BBQ’s, caves, slides, and the like all add to the cost of your swimming pool.

    Local Codes and Fees

    Some cities and counties require additional engineering, additional psi constraints, demand additional fees, require additional special inspectors, require soils reports, require acoustical engineer reports, require pool equipment screening, require solar blankets, and the like. Many require none of these items and therefore cost less.