Salt Pools

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    The Salt Pool

    A salt pool is so called because salt is added to the swimming pool so that a chlorine generator has it’s needed resource. Salt or sodium chloride is diluted in to the swimming pool.

    Why have a Chlorine Generator?

    In the old swimming pool sanitizing system chlorine was added by pouring liquid chlorine in to the pool or adding tablets/pellets to some kind of distribution system like a float. Chlorine is certainly one of the best sanitizers to cleanse your swimming pool water, but there is now a better way to supply and distribute the chlorine. The chlorine generator or salt system uses the salt that you added to the pool to generate chlorine. This chlorine is generated whenever the filter pump is runnung.

    How often do I have to add salt to a salt swimming pool?

    Theoretically you would only add the salt one time after the plaster application has sufficiently cured. However in time because of back-washing a D.E. filter, splashing, and other forms of water loss you will eventually need to add a small amount of salt to the swimming pool.

    Do I still have to test my chlorine levels?

    Chlorine Testing

    You do need to check your chlorine levels just like on a traditional swimming pool system. You may find however, that there are less swings in the test results. Since the chlorine is being produced at a constant rate the levels stay more constant. With the old system the liquid or tablets would be depleted many times leaving no chlorine in the swimming pool. To counteract such situations additional chlorine is added bringing the levels temporarily too high.

    Ph and other Testing

    You must also continue testing for Ph levels, total alkalinity, and other water chemistry levels.

    How do I adjust the level of chlorine output.

    Most chlorine generators or salt systems use a percentage of capacity adjustment to determine the amount of chlorine produced. Depending on bather load, weather, and other conditions you adjust your chlorine generator or salt system to produce from 0% to 100%

    The normal everyday setting or Basal Rate

    The basal rate is the rate of production that suits the typically everyday rate needed to keep your swimming pool clean. During the summer months this rate will be higher as the swimming pool is exposed to more sunlight and more swimmers.

    The Boost Rate or Bolus

    Your swimming pool typically needs a boost or bolus of chlorine when bather load is high. This might be because of a pool party or a sudden change in the frequency in use of your swimming pool. When a bolus is needed you simply go to the salt system or chlorine generator and select “super chlorinate” or “boost” depending on the system. Experience will guide you in determining how long of a bolus is needed.