Pool Solar Heating

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    Swimming Pool Solar Heating Benefits

    If you are inclined to keep your swimming pool heated, pool solar heating will save a lot of money. It also uses no fossil fuels to produce the heat. It is a clean and green way to heat your pool.
    Warmer water is just more enjoyable. Swimmers tend to stay in the water longer and use the pool more often if the temperature is higher.
    It is a great way to pre-heat the spa. We just set the controls to isolate the spa with the solar water. This way the spa is much closer to your target temperature which saves money.

    How Swimming Pool Solar Works

    Solar panels are installed on your roof typically. The swimming pool water is redirect via valves to go up on the roof. The sun heats the water and that heated water is redirected to the pool or spa. Typically there is a temperature sensor installed on the roof and another in the pool plumbing. A solar monitor will detect when the roof water temperature has reached a certain threshold over the swimming pool water. When that threshold is met the solar monitor opens a valve to allow the hotter water on the roof to enter the pool.

    There are several factors that determine the cost of a solar system. Some include the size of the pool, the distance of the pool equipment to the roof access, and the direction that your roofline faces. There are also choices like having the system automated or manual.  You can also add a booster pump if deemed necessary