Pool Remodel

What does the typical swimming pool remodel include?


A good way to start a swimming pool remodel is to change the coping.  Many older swimming pools have either safety grip coping or concrete coping covered with cooldeck. An easy way to change the look of an older swimming pool is to upgrade the swimming pool coping to a flagstone or reefstone coping.


Swimming pool tile of yesteryear has a distinctive look. You can almost tell what year a swimming pool was built by looking at the swimming pool tile. You can change the tile to something timeless or apply a stronger swimming pool bottom finish that may not require tile.

Pool Interior Finish

There are many types of swimming pool finishes. The biggest difference between the options available is the durability. The options include plaster, plaster with additives, Hydrazzo, miniature pebble finish, pebble finish, and tile – Plaster being the least durable and tile the most durable.

Pool Equipment Upgrades

Quality swimming pool equipment by Pentair and Jandy will last for years. If a swimming pool was built using inferior swimming pool equipment, it is best to replace it during a swimming pool remodel. Upgrades can also be done like adding colored lighting, salt generators, swimming pool computers, and underwater speakers.

Safety Issues

Over time building codes have changed to better protect swimmers. Some of these code changes can be addressed during the remodel of a swimming pool. One example is splitting up all suctions in the pool and spa. In older pools there is one “main drain” in the swimming pool and the spa. Current code requires two in each separated by at least three feet. This greatly reduces entrapment hazards and is fairly easy to do while the swimming pool is being remodeled.

Additional Features that can be added during a swimming pool remodel

Add a Spa

Many older swimming pools were built without a spa. Adding a spa to an existing swimming pool is a smart choice during a remodel. The spa in many cases is the most highly used part of a swimming pool.

A spa can be heated to a comfortable 80 degrees in the dead of winter in a few minutes. Kids sometimes will dare each other to swim across the cold winter water, and then jump back in to the comfort of the warm spa.

The spa is most sought after when we feel stiffness and soreness. This happens in all seasons here in southern California. We tend to be more active in the seasonal months and the cool weather of winter can bring on the stiffness. Even the stresses of our Southern California work weeks can be melted away by a hot bubbly jacuzzi bath.

Add a Water feature

Water features are always a beautiful addition to any swimming pool. A simple sheer waterfall is affordable yet attractive and produces a soothing sound. A natural rock waterfall can transform you swimming pool in to a tropical playground.

Add a Vanishing Edge

Yes, you can add a vanishing edge to an existing swimming pool.

Add a Baja Ledge

A Baja ledge or Shamu shelf is a shallow enlarged step. You can put a chair in the pool or just take a seat on the Baja shelf. An umbrella sleeve is another good addition. This allows you to put an umbrella on the Shamu shelf

Add a Cave or Grotto

A grotto with a water feature is a great addition to a swimming pool remodel. It changes the whole look and feel of the swimming pool.

Add a Slide

Whether a manufactured water slide or a rock water slide everyone enjoys a quick slide into a refreshing swimming pool.

Swim Up Bar

A swim up bar can include barstools in the swimming pool, a raised bar area, a barbeque, and a refrigerator or kegerator. Many times it is nice to cover them with a large palapa.

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