Pool Covers


You can significantly reduce heating costs, chemical use, and save energy by using a pool cover. Also pool covers reduces evaporation by 90-95%.

Pool covers also protect your pool from dirt and debris which can reduce cleaning time and costs. The less debris you have to remove from your pool the better.

And last but not least, an automatic safety cover over your pool can mean protection for your family. Automatic covers isolate the water and make it less enticing for curious children. although it is not recommended, automatic pool covers are strong enough for children and even adults to stand on.

Installation options

For automatic pools covers, there are a few installation options. Automatic undertrack, sometimes called recessed undertrack, is built underneath the pools coping. When the pool cover is open, the track, mechanism and cover are all hidden from view. A recessed toptrack model fits both free-form and rectangular pools and can be installed on new and existing pools. A low-profile track is mounted to the deck, and when the cover is retracted it disappears into housing that is recessed below the deck. The third option is the automatic toptrack or deckmount toptrack. This option fits almost any shape or size of an existing pool. A low-profile track is mounted on the deck, and the mechanism and retracted cover are hidden in an attractive enclosure.

During Pool Construction

It is recommended that you decide whether you’d like a pool cover and what type before or during the early stages of pool construction in order to properly accomodate the pool cover you desire.

Adding to Existing Pools

However, if you do decide that you’d like to add an automatic pool cover to your existing pool, you do have options. Any toptrack type of pool cover can easily be added to your existing pool.

Vanishing Edge Pool Covers

For vanishing edge pools, a special undertrack system can be set up to accomodate an automatic pool cover. Be sure to discuss incorporating such a system at the beginning planning stages of pool construction.

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