Pool Coping

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    Swimming Pool Coping

    Swimming pool coping is the material that covers the perimeter (bond beam) of the swimming pool. Swimming pool coping can be made of many types of material. It essentially defines the style of your swimming pool.

    It can make your pool look more or less glamorous, higher or lower quality, more natural or more modern. It is one of the most important choices in the swimming pool selection process. Along with the swimming pool interior finish the swimming pool coping is the most visible part of your in-ground swimming pool. You can possibly have your swimming pool for a lifetime. Chose the swimming pool coping that will suit you over time-the swimming pool coping that you can be proud of.

    Flagstone Coping

    Flagstone coping is a natural looking choice for swimming pools. Flagstone is basically a flat piece of stone that is 3/4″-2″ thick. Flagstone comes in many types of materials. There are sandstone, quartzite, forms of limestone, and composite materials that make up the types of flagstone coping available.

    There are many ways of applying flagstone or quartzite coping. Some ways are easily done quickly with unskilled laborers.

    The fine art of masonry calls for much more. We install stone with great care. We chisel each edge. We hone every joint to an exacting standard. We take the time to treat each piece of stone like a work of art because that is the intension. It is a work of art- a creation.

    Many companies accept the “TJ” style of coping (Tijuana style in which triangles are cut and thrown together with filler pieces tossed in to fill the gaps .There can be a place for this type of work, but not on swimming pool coping.) from there masonry subs. We do not. We have on staff some of the finest masons in the business. Masonry work is our signature on each project. It is the first and last thing that everyone will see. It must be flawless. It must be spectacular. We take the time to make sure this is so.

    Poured Concrete Coping

    Poured concrete coping is a durable and beautiful swimming pool coping material. It can be colored. It can be stamped. It can have treatments like: sand blast, acid wash, broom finish, salt finish, and polished.

    Cast in place Concrete Coping

    Cast in place concrete is for experts only. The coping is formed using special materials. Special additives are added during the mixing process. The concrete is vibrated during the pouring process. Different aggregates like shells, coins, and fossils can be added for extra flair.

    Pre-cast Concrete Coping

    Pre-cast concrete coping is similar to poured concrete coping. It can be ordered in the same finishes and colors. It tends to be on the thinner side. It can be ordered with a variety of different decorative edges. It can be made with a square edge, bull nose, or a more decorative edge.

    Faux Rock Coping

    Faux rock coping is a popular coping choice in many areas. The rock is either cast from panels, bought pre-formed, or crafted on-site. Faux rock coping gives you flexibility when it comes to color and texture. Your imagination is your only limitation.

    Brick Coping

    Bullnose brick coping was once a very popular coping choice. It still is used in some areas of the country. The classic bricks can also be used in a very tasteful way.

    Swimming pool coping is the first and last thing you see on your swimming pool. It can be done quickly and cheaply; but taking the time do the job right here is very important.