Pool Automation

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    The swimming pool system is made up of vast amounts of piping, fittings, valves, motors, and subsystems. Controlling these systems in the past could be a daunting challenge especially where vanishing edge swimming pools and complex lighting systems are introduced. Swimming pool automation, controllers and “computers” have changed all of that.

    Basic Swimming Pool Controls

    A basic swimming pool controller will typically control at least the switching from pool to spa mode. To switch modes a few things need to happen. The three way valve on the suction side of the pump has to go from the pool to spa suction. On the return side of the pump the same thing needs to take place. This is where the controller comes in. Instead of you having to walk out to the pool equipment you just hit a button and the valves switch automatically.

    Heater Control

    Most basic controllers also automatically fire the heater to a preset temperature when the spa mode is entered.

    Auxiliary Controls

    Basic swimming pool controllers will generally have at least two other auxiliary buttons that can control features of your choice. Spa jets and swimming pool lights would be an example.

    Salt System Controls

    Basic swimming pool computers also typically have salt system controls built in as well. You can see your salt parts per million, set your production percentage, and initiate a super-chlorinate


    Advanced Swimming Pool Controls

    With the more advanced controllers you will have all of the features of the basic swimming pool controllers along with many addition functions


    Macros allow you to turn on several items with the push of a button. You could name one button “night part”. This may turn on the swimming pool lights, the spa jets, the vanishing edge, the spa heater, the stereo, and the landscape lights.

    Telephone Communication

    A telephone module can be installed that will allow you to communicate with your swimming pool while away from home. You could call from the office to have your spa hot and ready for when you arrive home.

    Advanced Lighting Controls

    With advanced lighting controls you can decide what color a light produces if you have colored wheel lights. You could have each light come on with it’s own color or have them come on with the same color, but rotate colors in a selected interval.

    User Named Functions

    You can create your own function names and control how the are accessed. You can have them accessed by the button only, put them on timer, or have them be used in a count-down fashion.

    Variable and muilti speed pump control

    With advanced systems you can have it communicate with your variable speed pump. This will allow you to significantly reduce your power consumption levels.

    Remote reporting and control

    Some advanced controllers use your Wi-Fi to communicate with your swimming pool. Others allow access via the www directly to your swimming pool.


    The advanced systems as well as many of the basic systems are upwardly mobile. You can upgrade as needed.