Grottos and Caves

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    What is a Swimming Pool Grotto?

    A swimming pool grotto or cave in basically a concrete room attached to the pool. The walls and the roof are constructed of gunite or shot-crete. There are special engineering requirements for construction of a swimming pool cave.

    Can a Grotto be added to any swimming pool?

    Yes. Most often they are attached to freeform or tropical swimming pools. However, it is possible to design a grotto that will work for any swimming pool shape.

    What are some of the features available on Grottos?


    A waterfall cascading from above is a beautiful site to see whether from inside or outside the swimming pool grotto. The cascade of water provides the feel of privacy while within while it provides the beautiful sound of moving water from the outside.


    Lighting can be added to a swimming pool cave. Colored lighting is especially fitting in a swimming pool grotto. The softer colored light is more subtle like that you would expect in a cave.

     Vent Tubes

    Vent tubes can be added to provide fresh air and light to funnel in to your private swimming pool cave.


    A slide can be added to a swimming pool grotto. The grotto is already at a raised elevation making it the perfect base for a swimming pool slide. A rock slide is especially fitting in this situation.

     A Benches to Relax On

    A bench to sit on in the grotto is not mandatory, but it sure is nice, You can kick back, lean your back against the wall, and enjoy the privacy and the sound of the water roaring over the waterfall.