Cleaning Systems

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    In-Floor Cleaning Systems

    Who should have an in-floor cleaning system?

    In-floor cleaning systems should be installed in all swimming pools. While there is an additional outlay of money in the beginning the cost is recaptured in time. You will save time (labor costs), chemicals, electrical costs, and heating costs. Your swimming pool will stay cleaner with less work.

    A study conducted at the Arizona State University concluded that the average swimming pool owner could save up to 30% on chemical usage, 30% on overall power consumption, and 40% on heating expenses.

    How they work

    Unlike the old suction side cleaners In-floor cleaning systems are very effective. They systematically move heavy debris toward your pool’s main drains while suspending the lighter debris. The lighter debris goes through the skimmer.

    This is accomplished through the use of pop-up heads which are installed in your pool’s floor, steps, and benches. The central unit to this system is a ported distribution valve. This valve has several stations. The water valve begins at the shallow end working towards the deep end of the pool. The system can be adjusted to run at different intervals at the stations to extend cleaning time.

    How does it compare to typical cleaners?

     Suction Side Cleaners

    Suction side cleaners use your filter systems suctions to pull debris through the filter. While these cleaners are very inexpensive they do break down quite frequently. They also have a large hose that stays in the swimming pool. This hose not only is unattractive, but it just gets in the way when you want to go swimming.

    Pressure Side Cleaners

    These operate on the pressure side of your filter system or on an independent pump motor. They have their own filter that you periodically clean out. While the hose is typically smaller than the suction side cleaners it is also unattractive and gets in the way of swimming.


    Robots have a small floating cord and act independently of your swimming pool system. They are plugged in to 115V outlet and have a transformer that reduces the voltage down the that of a few batteries. While these work a lot better than the other two types of cleaners you will have to remove it for filter cleaning and the power cord gets in the way of swimming.


    If you can afford the up front cost of an in-floor cleaning system for your new swimming pool, invest in one.You will save money over time.You will have a cleaner swimming pool.You will have a system that does not have floating hoses and cords that mar the beauty of your swimming pool.