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Welcome to Jubilee Pools…

A Top Swim­ming Pool Builder

We are a top qual­ity swim­ming pool builder and land­scape con­trac­tor with afford­able prices. We serve San Diego County and South Orange County Cal­i­for­nia as a pre­mier swim­ming pool builder.


We look for new and inno­v­a­tive ways to improve your project. We are not sat­is­fied with the same old thing or rules of thumb. We con­tin­u­ally research and develop new ways to make your project the best.  We con­tin­u­ally research engi­neer­ing the­o­ries and design inno­va­tions.  We attend indus­try stan­dard con­fer­ences and seminars.


We do not use stan­dard designs. No two projects are designed the same. We strive to match the designs to your per­sonal lifestyle and the sur­round­ings to make it a cohe­sive part of the environment.



The best designs and sys­tems are sim­ple ones. Sim­plic­ity breeds enjoy­ment. This is an over­all focus that we adhere to through­out the process.  While sim­plic­ity is impor­tant cre­ativ­ity abounds.  We have some of the most cre­ative designs out there from van­ish­ing perime­ter, van­ish­ing edge, caves, grot­tos, slides, sunken bar­be­ques, and more…


Every­one speaks of qual­ity.  Is there really a dif­fer­ence?  Yes.  Qual­ity is both a choice and a skill.  If you don’t pur­pose in your heart to do a good job, you will not pro­duce qual­ity work.  We strive for the utmost qual­ity.  We seek new a bet­ter ways to achieve higher qual­ity.  We ask our­selves how to achieve the high­est qual­ity work.

Qual­ity pro­duc­tion is also an acquired skill.  You can­not pro­duce qual­ity work if you don’t know what you are doing.  We have some of the best trades­men in the busi­ness.  These trades­men have been work­ing for us for many many years and have refined their trade through our con­stant guidance.

WHY Choose Us


With over 20 years of expertise and service, we pride ourselves in our finished products and satisfied customers. No hidden costs, honest, and dependable service. Our products are built to represent your dreams and built to last. Quality is our focus.


We aim to eliminate the task of dividing your project between different architecture and construction company. We are a company that offers design and build services for you from initial sketches to the final construction.


We are a company that offers design and build services for you from initial sketches

  • We are Passionate
  • Honest and Dependable
  • Always Improving
  • U.S. Certified Contractors

    Hey! We would love to hear from you. Let us know your plans!

    We are committed to our customer's satisfaction. We pride ourselves through referrals from previous customers. Our goal is for your vision to become a reality.


    Swimming Pool Contractor FAQ’s

    What criteria should I use when choosing a Swimming Pool Contractor?

    The best source of information will be people who have used the swimming pool contractor for their own pool. We will provide you with a list of referrals, call the customers on the list and ask about their experience. Visit pools built by the builder to get a first hand feel for the quality of builder. Not all builders are the same. Many cut corners on stone work so they can move on to the next pool. Look at examples of work. You may also wish to check with Better Business Bureau to see if there are amny unresolved complaints against the builder.

    Does My Pool Come With a Warranty?

    Yes, all our pools come with a lifetime structural warranty. We will provide you with the details of what is covered in writing.

    Customer Service

    At Jubilee Pools we want to make sure you understand how to operate your pool. We will show you how to operate all equipment and gladly answer any questions you may have. We are only a phone call or email away if you need any clarification or help of any kind.

    The Process

    The Design Phase

    This is the first step in the building of a swimming pool and the associated landscaping. We will prepare a design specifically for you. We take many things in to consideration at this phase… The property layout, the house style, your wants/desires, the family unit, and budget considerations.

    Permits Phase

    We construct detailed drawings and provide all necessary engineering for the city/county. The city/county process can be a one day to two week process depending on the particular location.

    Layout/Excavation Phase

    We form the pool with wood forms using the detailed plans that we made for the permit phase. We then use tractors to excavate the swimming pool and dump trucks to take the dirt to a legal dump site

    Steel Reinforcement Phase

    We place the rebar according to the engineering that is called for in the particular design we are working with.

    Rough Plumbing Phase

    We place pipe for the water and the electrical to the pool. We pressurize the system. We call for inspection for the steel, bonding, and underground.

    Shot-crete/Gunite Phase

    We are now ready to apply the shell of the pool. Shot-crete/Gunite is applied by high pressure air to the steel reinforcement. This is one of the more interesting things to watch in the pool building process.

    Curing Phase

    The shot-crete or gunite is allowed to cure for seven to ten days. During this phase water is applied to the shell a couple of times per day to slow down the cure. This makes the shell stronger. We typically take advantage of this cure time by using it to make stone, concrete, tile, and boulder selection.

    Coping Phase

    After the shell has cured sufficiently we start installing the coping, tile, and any water-features that might be included in you design.

    Equipment Set Phase

    During this phase we install all of the pool equipment including: pumps, filters, lighting, salt systems, electronics, and heaters. Once these are installed we call for a Pre-plaster inspection.

    Plaster Phase

    Once we have the okay from the city/county we apply the plaster, hydrazzo, or pebble finish. Water is placed in the pool immediately. Time to start enjoying your swimming pool.

    Customer Service Phase

    This is one of the most important phases of all. We are still here to serve you after the job is complete.