100 Reasons to Own

There are many reasons to own a swimming pool.  We only touch the surface here with the first 100 reasons to own a swimming pool…

1. Vacation anytime

Owning a swimming pool is like being on permanent vacation.

2. Enjoyment for years to come

A vacation, a party, a movie or even a month at a theme park all come quickly to an end, but a swimming pool adds pleasure for years.

3. A Pool Feels Right, Day and Night

In the morning air, a walk in the garden, especially by the pool, gives a certain satisfaction. That special feeling also reappears in the evening, under a full moon or in the light cast from garden lanterns. It’s quieter here, more natural and far away from the pace of everyday life.

4. Enjoy life more

No matter how it is used – for games, for relaxation, or for exercise – the pool experience is pure enjoyment at its finest.

5. Teach the kids to swim

Most children naturally love water. How much more comfortable and secure will you feel when your kids know how to swim?

6. Teach Grandma and Grandpa to Swim

So many elders never had the chance to learn to swim: teach them in your own private oasis where they feel comfortable and secure.

7. A Strong Heart

Most people recognize that a program of exercise and a healthy diet is a great way to stay in shape. Swimming and aquatics can help all family members maintain their weight and also build a strong, healthy heart.

8. Encourage Togetherness

Like a magnet, the family pool – and especially the spa – encourage everyone to come together.

9. Childhood fun

The kids will only be young once, so don’t lose that precious time while it’s still here.

10. A special gift for the family

For most families, owning a pool is like a dream come true; nothing can be better than that.

11. Toys and Imagination

A swimming pool opens up so many new avenues of fun for the whole family. There are many great toys for pools that will delight everyone and encourage the use of imagination.

12. Fun for the whole family

From the youngest child to the oldest member of the family, a pool represents all the good things of life.

13. Memories

Remember what a swimming pool meant to you as a child? Now imagine what it will do for the children in your home. You might be sparking the best memories of all.

14. Quintessentially the Best

Inch for inch, minute for minute, there are more fun opportunities for kids and parents in the pool than any other place on earth.

15. Let the Family Know You Care

No matter what kind, shape or size. Any pool is perfect for bringing the family together. Best of all, a pool says something special to the ones you love.

16. Own your own theme park

Skip the lines and enjoy a theme park in your own backyard. With so many games, floats, slides and toys available, it’s no wonder the backyard pool has been dubbed a theme park.

17. Read and Rejuvenate

Just ask anyone who owns a pool how easy it is to read in a comfortable chair next to the sereneness of the water.

18. Add Value to Your Estate

Realtors who market upscale properties will tell you that buyers are often surprised – or disappointed – if a swimming pool is not included on an estate-sized property they are interested in.

19. Environment

Now may be the best time to indulge yourself and your loved ones and help create the special environment you always wanted for your home.

20. No Reservations Required

No advanced reservations are required to enjoy the comforts of your own pool!

21. Add Balance to Your Life

After a hard day at work or school, nothing is more inviting and rejuvenating than the family pool. Its value will increase every time you’re away.

22. Supreme Enjoyment

For some families, a swimming pool is a natural part of their everyday life. A pool is one of those destinations in their home where they can be themselves and be totally at ease.

23. Enjoy Yourself Now

Not only children, but you, too, deserve a swimming pool. Now is the time to enjoy that luxury. Don’t wait forever!

24. Express your style

From landscaping and lawn chairs to sunglasses, swimsuits and towels, there are lots of opportunities to make your pool scene your own. Customize your pool design to fit your lifestyle.

25. Because You Know the Value of Ownership

This knowledge isn’t something you’ve just discovered, it’s something that has accumulated with keen observation and the desire to do something positive for yourself. Go do it and enjoy!

26. Better Health

Adding a pool to your home not only encourages fun and family, but also a healthier lifestyle.

27. The Best Exercise

The best way to exercise is to do something you enjoy. Many physicians and health trainers agree. Plus, water exercises are more beneficial because they put less stress on limbs and joints.

28. Arthritis and Sore Joints

Because water activities are light on limbs and joints, aquatic exercises could be just the activity for those with Arthritis and sore joints. Always consult your physician first however.

29. Express Your Creativity

Custom shapes don’t necessarily cost more when you’re building an in-ground concrete pool. Pricing is normally a result of pool depth and square footage, plus options, so express yourself by creating any shape you desire!

30. Disabilities

Pool and spa accessory manufacturers have developed lifts and access equipment so that all family members can enjoy the benefits of the water.

31. Beats Joining a Swim Club

With your own swimming pool, you have your own swim club, but here you don’t have to worry about the crowds.

32. Start that metabolism

The pool in the backyard is a great way to exercise anytime. There really isn’t a better way to get the metabolism going.

33. Don’t become a “Couch Potato”

After a busy day or a big meal, too many Americans take to the easy chair and sleep themselves into poor health. The backyard pool can help everyone from becoming a couch potato.

34. Your Own Tanning Salon

Don’t pay money to go to a tanning salon. There is no better way to get a natural glow than by enjoying the outdoors in your own backyard.

35. Watch less Television

While TV can sometimes be entertaining, many of us watch way too much of it. A swimming pool offers the whole family fun and entertainment, as well as better health!

36. Enjoy sports in the pool

Everyone enjoys games in the pool. Some are more fun because they can involve most family members, not just the ones who excel.

37. Regain a Lost Appetite

A regular exercise program in the pool may help some family members get back into good eating habits.

38. Pure relaxation

There is no better place to relax than by a pool or on a float in a pool. It helps you unwind and forget the troubles of work and the stress of everyday encounters. The soothing effects of a pool are almost immeasurable.

39. Help Your Children Build Self-Confidence

Learning to swim, dive and interact compatibly with others helps build confidence in children and prepares them for life.

40. Learn lifetime lessons

Exercise, diet, self-confidence and health are all great motivating factors for the purchase of a swimming pool and each plays a role in life that is long-term in nature.

41. Stress-Free Floating

There is nothing more relaxing and stress relieving than floating around in the pool. Forget your cares and worries while you float!

42. Beat the Heat

When it’s hot outside, nothing satisfies the mind and body like a dip in the pool. Owners can refresh themselves with little concern about heat waves.

43. Close to Home

Who loves packing up the kids and all the accessories to drive somewhere to cool off? Cool off by stepping just outside your home, but still within your comfort zone.

44. Security in knowing where the kids are

Many pool owners will tell you that just knowing that their children are close by is one of the major benefits of having a backyard pool.

45. Entertain in the Pool House

What better way is there to entertain friends and family than in the pool house, by the pool?

46. Be involved

Knowing where the children play is important to most families, but knowing who they associate with may even be more important.

47. A Family Meeting Place

A swimming pool is a great place to meet and talk. For many families, it’s the only place where they get together.

48. Avoid Being Embarrassed

For those too shy to want to wear a bathing suit in public, your own private pool can help you enjoy all the benefits you’ve been missing.

49. Aquatics Are In

A great number of books and magazines talk about the superior benefits of aquatics versus other types of exercise. With a pool in your backyard you can enjoy what some call the perfect exercise for the entire body.

50. Grandchildren Will Want to Visit You

A pool will not only keep the grandchildren entertained but also expel all of that energy. Not only that, but it’ll keep them visiting even more frequently!

51. It’s There and Always Ready

Just knowing your pool awaits you anytime, day or night, as a reward for hard work or as a way of gaining essential relaxation, is a great comfort to pool owners everywhere.

52. Great Value

Now more than ever families can enjoy pools with greater convenience. Adding a heater or pool cover can allow more time during any season to enjoy the pool, while cleaning systems can free up time for you to enjoy it.

53. Keeps the Kids Outdoors on Nice Days

All parents want their children to get fresh air and sunshine. There probably has never been a better inducement than a swimming pool and a couple of friends.

54. A cool dip after enjoying sports

Whether you’re playing tennis, riding bikes, or tossing a football around the yard, your friends and family will love the reward of a dip in the pool afterwards.

55. The Pool Looks Good From the 18th Green

You’re out on the golf course, the temperature is in the 90’s and so is your golf score. The best reward you can think of is a quick drive home and a few hours of fun, enjoying your pool and your family.

56. Today’s Electronics

Today’s pools are extremely easy to maintain and control with advanced electronics, remote control features and simplified operating procedures.

57. Train a competitive swimmer

Encourage a competitive swimmer in your family in their passion by giving them the freedom to enjoy the water anytime.

58. Rediscover friends

Invite friends over for convenient entertainment… Most families find the pool to be the perfect place to rediscover their best friends.

59. Enjoy the moonlight

When the day is done and the children are tucked in bed, the swimming pool awaits. Enjoy the company of your loved on under a moonlit sky.

60. For a Secret Rendezvous

Day or evening, the swimming pool or spa is a great place to meet. It is a wonderful spot for conversation and to rediscover the person you truly love.

61. Envy of the Neighborhood

Just ask the neighborhood kids who has the best house… chances are it’s the one with the pool.

62. Enjoy the privacy of your pool

Everyone would like to skinny dip at least once. But where? The only safe place is to do it at home, in your own private pool.

63. The Centerpiece of the Garden

Those who own a swimming pool know its aesthetic value. They understand how its placement and its purpose often become the center of attention.

64. Affordability

Explore your options. Today there are a lot of choices you can make that can make pool ownership affordable.

65. Enjoy a Snorkeling Adventure

Sure it’s great to snorkel in the tropics, but not everyone has the opportunity to go there. In the family pool, the kids can imagine they are snorkeling out in the deep seas when really, they’re safely playing in the backyard pool.

66. Your Own Private Lagoon

It’s easy to enjoy a romantic evening in your own personal paradise when you own a pool.

67. Stargazing

There is nothing more relaxing than stargazing from your spa on a clear night. Enjoy the beautiful water and the star’s reflections on it.

68. No appointment necessary

You and your loved one can enjoy many romantic evenings in your own pool… no need to make a reservation or travel anywhere!

69. Those Private Mini Vacations With #1

Leave the kids with the grandparents and make the most of your vacation… in the comforts of your own backyard.

70. Make a New Friend

A swimming pool, especially one that has a built-in spa, is a great way enjoy good conversation with a new friend in a relaxing setting.

71. Poolside Weddings are Spectacular

A swimming pool in a private garden is as special and romantic as it gets. The participants and all those in attendance will always remember the event.

72. Your Personal Luxury

Though you may be initially installing a pool for the kids, it is just as enjoyable for adults. A pool is a joy to the family for years to come.

73. Perfect for Entertaining

Everything works better outdoors. Food, conversation, neighborhood gatherings all are special events when you have a pool.

74. Pride of Ownership

A swimming pool is one of those great purchases that you will be proud to own.

75. Pool parties

Every party, whether it’s a birthday party or not, is that much better and easier when you have a pool. A swimming pool adds a unique twist to the old way of doing things.

76. World’s Best Picnics

Picnics are fun, but they’re even better when you have a pool to keep everyone entertained.

77. Be a trendsetter

Be the first to take that first step in owning a pool… you’ll probably start a trend in the neighborhood!

78. You’ve Arrived

Having your own pool is the icing on the cake. Every home should have one, and owning one has become quite a symbol of ownership.

79. Don’t be envious

Instead of being jealous of your neighbor’s amazing pool, why not consider purchasing your own?

80. Strut Your Stuff

After swimming in your new pool and getting in better shape, show off by the poolside.

81. Be the Talk of the Town

This very visible purchase will show your neighbors that you and your family want to enjoy life and each other’s company.

82. Prices May Never be Lower

Today’s the day. Next week or next year it may be more costly, so now is the time to purchase the pool of your dreams. As someone once said, “timing is everything.”

83. Tax Deductible

If you purchase a swimming pool using a home equity loan, the swimming pool purchase can save you money come April 15th. Talk to your accountant.

84. Finance easily

Swimming pools are extremely easy to finance and that makes pool ownership a possibility for a lot of people.

85. There Will be Less Grass to Cut

A swimming pool space helps eliminate some yard. But, here’s more pleasant news. After mowing or other chores, a refreshing splash is all it takes to renew the body and refresh the spirit.

86. Off Season Prices are Low

There are many benefits to buying off season… including low prices.

87. Technology keeps prices low

Today’s technology provides a lot more options that keep maintenance prices down and efficiency up.

88. Get a better night’s sleep

Regular exercise can help encourage better sleeping habits. Relaxing your muscles in a spa can also help you relax before bedtime.

89. Long term benefits

A swimming pool can cost less than a lot of purchases… even big family vacations. The benefits of a pool, however, last years and years longer.

90. An Inexpensive Date

A swimming pool is not always a substitute for a night on the town, but it sure is less expensive and easier to pull off.

91. Revamp Your Lifestyle Without Relocation

You don’t need to move out or move up. Invest in a pool designed to complement your current home and you’ll be amazed at the improvement in your property and lifestyle.

92. Builder Incentives

Ask us about builder incentives. They change during the year, but can help save you some money.

93. “Play Pools” are Easy on the Pocketbook

Some families have opted for shallow, inground “play pools.” Like their above-ground cousins, they use less water, they’re easier and less expensive to maintain and allow anyone who can’t swim to enjoy a refreshing dip on a hot day.

94. A Pool is a Great Asset

Installing a swimming pool helps position a home as an estate, with much the same way that a tennis court or guesthouse would.

95. It Makes Your House a Home

Especially in Southern California, a house with no pool is just enclosed space. But in a pool you’ve a great place to call “home.”

96. Any Customized Purpose

When we say we can build it your way, we mean it. Your company logo, the musical instrument you play, even the shape of your favorite flower can be designed into tile work on the actual walls of a new pool.

97. Add Beauty to Your Home

Your home, no matter how beautiful, will be greatly enhanced with the addition of a swimming pool. Pools are not only fun and functional; they add a certain grace to every landscape and a backdrop that no other adornment can duplicate.

98. Create a Tropical Paradise

From waterfalls to black bottom lagoons, today’s pool buyers are adding the “natural look” to their backyards. Often, they blend nature’s own special effects into a newly created setting, establishing an enchanted forest or tropical paradise right at home.

99. An Indoor Oasis

Homes that have indoor pools have a grandeur all their own. Owners often create exceptional spaces reminiscent of grottos, gardens and greenhouses.

100. Beautiful, Gracious Entertaining

The sun is up, it’s mid-afternoon and tea will be served to the social club out by the pool. Or, when the sun is down and business associates are about to arrive for dinner, cocktails by the pool will create the perfect mood to start a proper evening.