Hardscape Gallery

A Top Swim­ming Pool Builder

We are a top qual­ity swim­ming pool builder and land­scape con­trac­tor with afford­able prices. We serve San Diego County and South Orange County Cal­i­for­nia as a pre­mier swim­ming pool builder.


We look for new and inno­v­a­tive ways to improve your project. We are not sat­is­fied with the same old thing or rules of thumb. We con­tin­u­ally research and develop new ways to make your project the best.  We con­tin­u­ally research engi­neer­ing the­o­ries and design inno­va­tions.  We attend indus­try stan­dard con­fer­ences and seminars.


We do not use stan­dard designs. No two projects are designed the same. We strive to match the designs to your per­sonal lifestyle and the sur­round­ings to make it a cohe­sive part of the environment.


The best designs and sys­tems are sim­ple ones. Sim­plic­ity breeds enjoy­ment. This is an over­all focus that we adhere to through­out the process.  While sim­plic­ity is impor­tant cre­ativ­ity abounds.  We have some of the most cre­ative designs out there from van­ish­ing perime­ter, van­ish­ing edge, caves, grot­tos, slides, sunken bar­be­ques, and more…


Every­one speaks of qual­ity.  Is there really a dif­fer­ence?  Yes.  Qual­ity is both a choice and a skill.  If you don’t pur­pose in your heart to do a good job, you will not pro­duce qual­ity work.  We strive for the utmost qual­ity.  We seek new a bet­ter ways to achieve higher qual­ity.  We ask our­selves how to achieve the high­est qual­ity work.

Qual­ity pro­duc­tion is also an acquired skill.  You can­not pro­duce qual­ity work if you don’t know what you are doing.  We have some of the best trades­men in the busi­ness.  These trades­men have been work­ing for us for many many years and have refined their trade through our con­stant guidance.